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Taming the Desert Heat: Outdoor Shade for Your Spring Patio

While the world bursts back to life this spring, our patios can become a tad too toasty for comfort. But fear not, fellow desert gardener, Moller’s Garden Center has some advice for you! Here’s how to transform your spring patio into an outdoor shade oasis, perfect for basking in the beauty (not the heat) of this season.

How to Achieve the Right Amount of Outdoor Shade

We love the sun! But not too much… While it peaks over the horizon, transforming your patio into a stunning golden glow, that warmth can quickly turn into scorching heat. Don’t let your outdoor haven become unusable! We’ll teach you how to strike the perfect balance between sunshine and shade by creating some outdoor shade for your spring patio that is as delightful as it is comfortable.

Outdoor Shade Tips from Moller’s Garden Center

Keep Your Plants Shaded with:

Awnings & Pergolas

Awnings and pergolas are great for outdoor shade for your spring patio! Awnings, like retractable fabric ones, offer adjustable shade for parts of your garden and are perfect for on-demand shade. Pergolas, with slatted roofs, provide dappled shade for a more permanent shade spot. Choose which option is best suited for your garden’s needs.

Shade-loving Plants:

Bird of Paradise

Surprisingly, this plant here is very much shade-loving! The bird of paradise plant is a tall palm with exotic beauty. Though it won’t bloom as frequently, the long dramatic leaves are enough to add a touch of tropic paradise to your patio.

Desert Plume

Desert plumes do well in the shade. Its feathery plumes add a touch of whimsy and texture to the outdoor shade of your garden.


There’s no better plant to add to a shaded garden than the fern! The delicate fronds of the fern add a touch of elegance to any outdoor space. Be sure to plant them in a shady, moist area, as these plants scorch under the hot sun rays!


This plant is loved by many because it absolutely LOVES the outdoor shade! Not only are they easy to care for, but hostas also come in a stunning array of colors and textures, adding lush greenery to brighten up even the deepest shade.


Lungworts are a favored shade-loving perennial. Their beautiful spotted foliage comes in a variety of colors, including green, silver, and even purple! It also produces small, blue flowers in the spring. Lungwort prefers moist areas, similar to ferns.

Now that you’re armed with outdoor shade solutions and a vibrant selection of shade-loving plants, the only limit is your imagination! Transform your patio into a personal sanctuary, a cool and inviting space where you can soak up the spring beauty without feeling the burn. We hope you use this blog and create your own little oasis, and enjoy the best that this season has to offer!

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