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Moller’s Tip: Have You Remembered to Re-Set Your Time Clock?

130069_1339Moller’s Tip: Have you remembered to re-set your time clock times when Day Light Savings began?

Spring is here, it is time to adjust your watering schedules. Remember drip irrigation has very different needs than standard irrigation. Please consult one of our Moller’s team to be sure you have your time clocks set correctly. Early morning and one time a day watering remain the standard, you should up the number of days per week you water.

Your citrus fruit should now be set for the season, it is time to fertilize again with Dr. Earth Organic Citrus Food.

Feed your trees regularly through the Spring. Remember that acid loving plants have different nutrient needs than your citrus trees or your roses. Feel free to come in and chat with one of the Moller’s team.

Weeds, weeds, weeds!

We have lots of them in the Desert; weeds have become a very specialized crop, they can be controlled by specialized weed killers. You may have noticed the rain has allowed weeds to grow where you don’t typically see them. Com-Pleet for unplanted areas, Sedgehammer for nutgrass, (don’t forget the sticking agent), Greenlight Wipe-Out for the broadleaf weeds and Crabgrass Killer 2 for, you guessed it: crabgrass.

April and early May are when you typically see your lawns go through their seasonal transformation.

The winter rye will slowly die out and the bermuda will begin to take over. Spots of yellow are normal as the Spring takes it’s course.

Don’t forget your roses!

Powdery mildew can remain an issue through the Spring and feeding with Dr. Earth Rose and Flower food continues to be important.

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