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Low Maintenance Houseplants You’ll Love

Today we’ll be going over 4 houseplants that aren’t hard to care for, and that will be a great addition to your collection!

Taking Care of Low Maintenance Plants

When taking care of low maintenance plants, keep in mind that not a lot of care or nurturing is involved, hence why we call them “low maintenance plants”. These plants typically don’t need loads of care to thrive, making them perfect for busy houseplant owners!

low maintenance houseplants


4 Beautiful Plants That Don’t Require Much Attention:


Mosterias are a popular houseplant, and there’s no guess as to why that is. These plants are stunningly deep green, with dozens of holes in the leaves, giving them the nickname “Swiss Cheese plant”. They’re low maintenance plants and don’t require much fuss. Generally, Monsteras are pest and disease resistant. Perfect for new plant hobbyists and experienced growers.


These plants are perfect for collecting, as they come in a wide range of colors and sizes. Peperomias foliage can go from hints of reds and pinks, to greens and yellows. Soon you can build a lovely collection of this plant, and not have one plant that looks the same. They are low maintenance plants, easy to care for and even produce flowers in some (rare) cases.


The Pothos plant is a stunning, bushy, trailing plant that plant hobbyists adore! Pothos come in a variety of shades and color patterns. From dark greens and light greens, to whites and yellows. These leafy plants will add pop to your home! If you’re looking for an attractive, low maintenance plant, adding a Pothos to your collection is a must!

Rubber Plant

Last on our list for low maintenance plants is the Rubber Plant! This indoor tree is a medium sized houseplant, which comes in fun colors. Rubber Plants can reach impressive heights if allowed to! These plants come in marble patterns with shades of green, pink, and white. It’s definitely a show-stopper!

In Conclusion…

We covered 4 low maintenance plants that will add a pop of uniqueness to your home! Whether it be a trailing Monstera, or a tall and colorful Rubber Plant, we know you’ll love having any of these plants added to your houseplant collection!
That brings us to the end of this post, we hope you found this helpful. Hopefully from reading this you can keep your plants beautiful and healthy! Best of luck to you.

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