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Let’s Face it, There Isn’t Much Gardening to Do in January.

roses-194490_640It is just too cold for most of our plants to do more than simply sustain themselves. You may notice a little frost burn on some of your plant material – – avoid the urge to prune it back. The ‘frozen’ foliage can help protect the new growth against additional frost damage during the remaining 30 days of winter. Once the threat of frost is over, trim the damaged foliage back, FERTILIZE and literally watch the garden grow. If you are in the mood to prune, focus your attention on your roses. Late December to mid-January is the optimum time to cut your roses back. Once the new leaves sprout out, apply Dr Earth’s Rose and Flower food and stand back! Spring provides one of the best growing seasons we have in the Desert.

As a general rule, you should be watering just 2 or 3 times a week right now.

Your irrigation system will dictate how long the water should be on. Whether you work with a gardener or not, it is a good idea to walk your garden yourself to check the sprinklers- -perhaps as you enjoy your Saturday morning coffee. Be sure that sprinklers are sprinklers and drip emitters are drip emitters. Feel free to contact Moller’s with any questions you may have. January is a fantastic time to start a rose garden! If roses aren’t quite the color you are looking for, fear not. Succulents and cacti offer an array of color for the drought tolerant garden.

It’s rose season.

Hard to imagine that roses would flourish in the California desert, but they do. This years AARS winners, Dick Clark and Walking On Sunshine are among the 171 rose selections we offer at Moller’s Garden Center. There are 20 new roses on the scene this season. Dick Clark is a beautiful, disease resistant grandiflora rose with long stems. This rose cannot make up it’s mind on color, covering every hue from cream to burgundy; it is reminiscent of those great old cherry lollipops from days gone by. Walking On Sunshine LOVES to show off with lots and lots of blooms. This floribunda is suggested as an easy rose for those new to the rose habit; an avid bloomer, sure to top off any rose garden. Intimidated by roses? DON’T BE. Visit with any one of the Moller’s sales associates to get you started on the rewarding journey of rose collection.

This year, we are offering our roses for sale on-line. Many of you like to pick out your own roses, so please feel free to come in the Nursery and take a stroll through the roses. On the other hand, if you know what you want, just visit the our on-line store, click on rose bushes and shop to your heart’s content. Sales are based on availability.

Click here to view Moller’s 2011 List of Roses

Handmade crafts have a long tradition at Moller’s Garden Center

Handmade crafts have a long tradition at Moller’s Garden Center and ceramics are a big part of that. This spring we offer old friends and new: Earthborn Studios presents rich and beautiful glazes coupled with unexpected shapes.

Some things just make you smile and Lisa Neimeth’s artful, one of a kind pieces leave you with a feel of whimsy and joy. Lisa’s ceramics are new Moller’s and we are excited to present them to you. Our old friends at Alex Marshall Studios have ventured out into the baby market in addition to the beautiful glazes and shapes we know so well. Fall has been the time to take care of everyone else, now visit the gift shops at Moller’s and treat yourself to something GREAT.

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