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Moller's Garden Center


Let the Planting Begin!

lemon-70586_640We have magical weather in the Desert and we are enjoying an “Indian” fall, the weather remains warm and G R E A T for planting anything your heart desires. From citrus trees to begonias, sago palms to groundcovers, gardenias and a few golden barrel cactus in between. Yes Virginia, we even have a few roses. If you can plant it, you will find it at Moller’s Garden Center.

Hibiscus? Calliandra? Bougainvillea?

We’ve got them.
In the mood for a little color? We’ve got petunias, geraniums, pansies, obconica primrose, cyclamen; any kind of bedding plants you can imagine you can find at Moller’s. We are fully stocked in the houseplant department: rhapis palms, dracaena marginatas and kentia palms of varying sizes. If we don’t have it, we can order it. The cactus and succulent area is also full of great selections of agave, aloes, dasylirion, yuccas and of course the ever popular flap jack kalanchoe! Remember to really cut back on watering your cactus and succulents through the winter season. Vegetables and herbs remain popular. As long as the warm weather continues, the vegetables and tomatoes will flourish

A word about rabbits: they are cute but in the garden they are an absolute nuisance!

They will eat just about everything, including all the pretty flowers you may have just planted. Great for Moller’s business, not so much for your pocket book. Liquid Fence is an effective rabbit deterrent and you will find it at Moller’s.

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