The 2018 Rose List

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Summer this summer is summer

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August is the half way point for us Desert folk; half the summer is behind us with half the summer to go. Gardening advice remains the same; do little but keep an eye open. June & July gave us everything summer has to offer. High, high heat with low humidity damaged a great many shrubs … Continued

Time to prepare your garden for summer

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    May has arrived. This is typically the time of year to ready the garden for the summer season. What exactly does this mean? FIRST, watch the weather; when daytime temperatures consistently rise to 90/95 degrees and above, it’s time to water every day—but just ONE TIME A DAY in the cool of the … Continued

Spring Gardening in Desert

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Warmer weather means it is time to think about making some changes in the care we give our gardens. This spring has been a wild ride of warm warms, cool colds, a little rain and some big winds. The combination makes for interesting times working with irrigation, pests and all things Desert gardening. There are … Continued

Winter Gardening in the Desert

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  Happy New Year.  It has been a COLD winter so far with gentle rains promised for the winter and spring to come.  What does that mean for the garden? FIRST:  LESS WATER. Twice weekly irrigation is the most effective water schedule for your garden at this time of year. When daytime temps drop to … Continued

The 2016 Rose List!

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Rose List Legend P = Patended NP = Non-patented FL = Florabundia HT = Hybrid Tea Rose GR = Grandaflora CL = Clumber SH = Shrub

Burnt Earth, Scorched Leaves and Other Tales of Summer

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The Desert has been offered summer’s full palette this year. We’ve enjoyed mild weather, hot & humid days and rainy days complete with thunder, lightning and wind. We’ve even had a few days of that dry heat we are so famous for. Recent high temperatures have inflicted quite a bit of damage to gardens throughout … Continued

Water With Purpose

Watering can

water   WATER !   W A T E R!! It is thee hot topic on television and in the newspapers these days.  Appropriate water application has been the central topic of Moller’s newsletters for several years now.  If you have been following our general water instructions, it will be difficult to cut down on … Continued

Spring Gardening – Line of Defense

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Last month we urged you to pre-emerge………January and February remain the best months for application of pre-emergent to inhibit garden weeds.  You have plenty of time left to fight this war if you’ve not yet had time to mount your defense. (March applications will help prevent broad-leafed weeds.) BONIDE CRAB GRASS & WEED PREVENTER is the … Continued

January is all about the roses!


2015 Rose Collection Now ON SALE at Moller’s Garden Center January is all about the roses. Mid-December through mid-January is the perfect time to winterize your rose bushes. If you aren’t sure how to go about it, come on into the Nursery and we will gladly explain the process. Not all roses are created equal. … Continued

The 2015 Rose List is Here!


  2015 Rose List The official Moller’s Garden Center Rose List for 2015 is here. We have several new additions this year, including the beautifully fragrant Neil Diamond and the crisp white Icecap. If you’re interested in Rose Trees, jump to the list of 24″ trees or 36″ trees. There’s something for everyone! Rose List … Continued

Happy Holidays from Moller’s Garden Center

Hose nossle

Just a few quick gardening tips as we make our way through this very busy time of year. Are you watering your garden every day? S T O P!!Established gardens in the Desert can easily get away with a single application of water every two to three days at this time of year. ‘Winter’ has … Continued

Gardening Ideas

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As always we have a few gardening ideas to start your summer off. Consistent daytime temperatures of 90 – 95 degrees generally marks the start of a once daily water schedule. Remember to water in the cool of the day, ONE TIME A DAY. We water too little and too often in the Desert. Be … Continued

Spring 2014

Palm tree

SPRING All Winter Long. That about sums up our winter this year. We had a little frost back in November and it has been warm ever since. Some gardens are already seeing their rye grass die off and Bermuda begin to take hold. We suggest sneaking in a few spring-like garden activities before summer settles … Continued

Moller’s Garden Center 2014 Rose Release


We have 14 new roses in the catalog this year and they are beauties. They are: BOUGAINFEELYA (from the Look-A-Like series) CORETTA SCOTT KING (grandiflora, rose tree) EBTIDE/JULIA CHILD (rose tree) FIRED UP (floribunda) GOOD AS GOLD (hybrid tea, rose tree) HAPPY GO LUCKY (grandiflora, rose tree) JUMP FOR JOY (floribunda) MERCURY RISING (hybrid tea) … Continued

Managing Your Garden During the Cold Winter Months

Frost on leaf

Frost damage becomes an issue when prolonged night time temperatures drop to 32 degrees and below. The Desert has already experienced one heavy freeze this season with more sure to come. Protect bedding plants and vegetables with freeze cloth. Cold sensitive plants such as bougainvillea, lantana and boxwood carissa will also benefit from this protective … Continued

Fall Planting Season


Planting Season Arrives to the Desert Once Again. Mother Nature offers us a much better attitude this fall, with warm days and cool nights. It is the perfect growing season. We are in that weather roller coaster mode, daytime temperatures hover around the 90 degree mark, then dip to the 70’s and back to the … Continued

It’s Time to Get Back to Gardening


September offers great growing weather, especially with the humidity we recently experienced. We remind you that gardening is a bit different in the desert; while we remain inactive through most of the summer our gardening season is in full swing come the fall. WATER We have had a tremendous amount of humidity these last weeks. … Continued

Suddenly Summer

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The past few weeks have provided everything summer has to offer us. We kicked it off on the mild side through May and June but now the heat is here to stay. We are on the roller coaster that is summer in the Desert. High one-teens followed by days of humidity, settling back into a … Continued

Late Spring Gardening in the Desert


Watering ONE TIME A DAY!! We cannot say it enough. It is not necessary to water your garden more than one time a day: winter, spring, summer or fall. You may not need to water every day but when you do water, do so just once a day. Keep an eye on the temperature. Daily … Continued

Spring Forward into Gardening

Garden hose

It’s time to GET YOUR GARDEN ON! The weather is great, the sun is shining, no frost in sight – it’s time to reap the rewards of spring. Time Clocks Celebrate Daylight Savings. We remind you to reset the clock on your irrigation controller the same time you reset your house clocks. What difference does … Continued

The 2013 Rose Season Has Arrived

Yellow roses

20% off all roses the entire month of January The 2013 Rose Season has arrived at Moller’s Garden Center, Inc. Our ‘home grown’ roses are stocked and ready for sale with many, many more to come. All roses are 20% off through the month of January. Moller’s Newsletter customers will also enjoy a 5% discount … Continued

It’s all about roses in the winter!


Roses thrive in the cooler weather, offering rainbows of colors and scents while other plants may be a little less enthusiastic about the cold. Roses do require a push start to productivity; the next four weeks are the best time to ‘trick’ your roses into dormancy. You want to cut your roses back to 1/3 … Continued

Green Side Up!!

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We are a few weeks into the 2012 fall planting season. Mother Nature is in much better spirits; Summer 2012 seems to be finally behind us. The daily highs may reach into the low 90’s but that should not deter you from putting your garden gloves on, breaking out the planting trowels and getting your … Continued

September Planting

Planting flowers

Planting season is just about upon us once again. Gardens are beginning to wake up after a very long, hot summer. It’s time to dust off the pruning shears, break out the fertilizer and get the beds ready for fall planting. Gardening in the desert runs in reverse of the rest of the country. Our … Continued

Summer Gardening 2012

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It appears we are in for a long summer season this year. Summer arrived early in May and we have seen little relief since; completely opposite weather of what we experienced last year. These days of high heat leave little to do in the garden but check sprinklers and watch for pests. Water Is King! … Continued

Easing into Summer

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It’s time to get the garden ready for summer hibernation once again. We made it through another season in the Desert. How does your garden look? How are things holding up through these days of warm weather and low humidity? There is still plenty of opportunity for “gardening” tasks through what we call early summer. … Continued

Planting Season Continues . . .

Garden with cactus

. . .it never really disappeared this year with the winter weather remaining so temperate. Spring is the best time of year for planting or transplanting anything in your garden. Day (and night) time temperatures rise optimizing new growth on existing plant material. Watering frequency gradually increases. It is simply the best time of year … Continued

Planting Seasons

Vegetable basket

There are three planting/growing seasons in the Desert; late October/November and February/March are the most prolific growing seasons of the year. Just about anything can be planted during these months. EVERYTHING GROWS WELL. Feeding during optimum growth months is the key to promoting healthy plants all year long. Fertilize the entire garden: the lawn, shrubs, … Continued

We are officially in winter mode in the Desert

Frosted rose

  We’ve already experienced our first frost of the season. There isn’t much gardening to do when it is cold. FIRST: CUT BACK ON WATER. Just two or three times a week is plenty of water, depending on where you are in the Valley. Established container gardens need water every 4-5 days. If you have … Continued

Planting Season is Quickly Approaching in the Desert

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There are a few things you can do to get your garden planting ready. Water, Water, WATER! We talk about it in every newsletter yet we still have lots to say. The temperature is cooling down a little but daily watering remains the standard. Over and over, we hear of people who water several times … Continued

Summer has arrived – again

Mollers garden center

Cool mornings, pleasant evenings and mild temperatures have made for an almost perfect spring this year. Annual rye is slowly giving way to the summer Bermuda grass. Seasonal flowers have surrendered to the heat allowing room for summer flowers. A few simple tasks done now will allow your garden to thrive through the next several … Continued

Mother’s Day Sale at Moller’s Garden

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Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8th Take advantage of the May Sale for great gift ideas for Mom. CELEBRATE MOTHER’S DAY!! Phone the flower shop @ 760.346.9415 to arrange for a beautiful floral bouquet or visit us online at

The citrus alternative: the desert offers many options

Apple tree

Moller’s May Sale is coming!! Join us at Moller’s Garden Center on Sunday May 1st for the start of our annual May Sale. Gift and garden accessories available at 40% off. The sale lasts for the entire month but come early for the really good stuff!! Sale begins at 8 am. Choose carefully, all sales … Continued

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Spring is on its way to the Desert. The days are longer and the weather is just a little warmer. AVOID TEMPTATION: continue to water your garden just two to three times a week. Be sure the water is on long enough to fully saturate the soil. This practice will optimize the blooming season. Your … Continued

FEBRUARY is for fertilizing!!


Spring comes early to the Coachella Valley making the month of February one of our best growing months of the year. Your garden is coming out of its “winter sleep”. Warm temperatures mixed with a good dose of the right kind of fertilizer will provide the garden with an instant WOW FACTOR. Don’t turn the … Continued

Let’s face it, there isn’t much gardening to do in January.


It is just too cold for most of our plants to do more than simply sustain themselves. You may notice a little frost burn on some of your plant material – – avoid the urge to prune it back. The ‘frozen’ foliage can help protect the new growth against additional frost damage during the remaining … Continued

40% Off all Christmas Items


40% Off all Christmas Items December 26 – January 9     Thank you for your continued support of Moller’s Garden Center, Inc. Visit us online at


Lemon tree

We have magical weather in the Desert and we are enjoying an “Indian” fall, the weather remains warm and G R E A T for planting anything your heart desires. From citrus trees to begonias, sago palms to groundcovers, gardenias and a few golden barrel cactus in between. Yes Virginia, we even have a few … Continued

NEWS FLASH: Moller’s Garden Center now open on Sundays!!


We began our Winter Hours on Saturday, October 2, 2010. Are you worried about anything in your garden? Please visit Moller’s and check in with our Sales Associates. Bring us leaves, bugs, strange looking citrus, no challenge is too great. Moller’s is here to help. Summer is over – – – sort of. It has … Continued

Summer has arrived

Lawn sprinkler

Well, it is official. Summer has arrived. The truly wonderful winter and spring we have enjoyed this year are a part of history and we now enjoy the long, hot summer months of July, August and into September. Have you made certain your irrigation is properly adjusted for the weather? Early morning watering just one … Continued

40% off all gift shop items for month of may

Mollers Garden Center shop

All items in the gift shop and garden gift store are on sale 40% off through the entire month of May. Selected items have been marked down even more, including pottery, ceramics and gift items. Every week new merchandise is added to the sale. Come in and enjoy great deals as we celebrate our customers. … Continued

Moller’s Tip: Have you remembered to re-set your time clock?

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Moller’s Tip: Have you remembered to re-set your time clock times when Day Light Savings began? Spring is here, it is time to adjust your watering schedules. Remember drip irrigation has very different needs than standard irrigation. Please consult one of our Moller’s team to be sure you have your time clocks set correctly. Early … Continued

The Online Flower Shop is Open!


Visit our on-line store to shop our unique floral creations. Need to send a gift locally or out of town? You can do both on our new online store. Visit: Valentine’s Day is Sunday, February 14. Browse the web-site for current gardening tips, specials and coupons. Our web-site will grow along with us and … Continued