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Spring is on its way to the Desert.

The days are longer and the weather is just a little warmer. AVOID TEMPTATION: continue to water your garden just two to three times a week. Be sure the water is on long enough to fully saturate the soil. This practice will optimize the blooming season.

Your citrus trees are in bloom, setting their fruit for next season’s crop.

Once the blossoms have dropped, it is an excellent time to prune the trees to give them a beautiful shape. Your gardeners do a great job but what garden doesn’t benefit from a personal, hands on approach? Right now is an excellent time to prune anything and everything in the garden. This time of year, the focus is on SHAPE. It is important to have quality pruners; the right equipment for the task at hand. At Moller’s you will find a variety of options for your pruning needs; from Corona to Felco, shears, loppers and replacement blades as well. Keep your shears sharp and clean.

Fertilize your Cactus

Yes, your cactus. We suggest feeding cactus two times a year, in the fall and again in the spring. They have been dormant through the winter and will now begin their growing season. Dr. Earth All Purpose Organic Fertilizer is the best product to feed cactus whether they be in the ground or in pots. Simply sprinkle it around the base of the cactus and water it in well with a hose or watering can. Most cacti are watered with drip irrigation; this does not allow the fertilizer to get to the roots. A single application of additional water will not be a problem for your cactus. Think of it as a forced spring shower.

Birds are everywhere.

They begin calling at sun up and continue long past sundown. They are busy nesting in your garden. Moller’s Garden Center carries a new product this year to assist hummingbirds with the task at hand. Hummingbird nests can appear anywhere two branches come together. A topiary, a patio tree, even an ocotillo can provide space for a hummingbird to build its nest. If you are lucky enough to have a hummingbird nest in your garden, be certain to give it lots of space. They tend to be on the territorial side and will abandon the nest if they feel encroached upon.

Spring also means allergies and one of the worst culprits is the blooming olive tree.

Many of you have these beautiful old trees in your yard. Olives are a mess. Did you know the trees can be sprayed to prevent olives from setting? Use Florel brand Growth Regulator to eliminate undesirable fruit (yes, olives are a fruit) from setting.

Status Quo is the name of the game.

Continue the limited water regimen. Fertilize monthly with Dr. Earth Organic Fertilizers. Keep an eye on the roses for powdery mildew. Trim and shape your plants to promote healthy growth and beautiful gardens. If you see a problem with a plant, bring us a leaf sample. Our Moller’s Sales associates will be happy to help pinpoint the pest and provide you with the right product for your garden problem. DON’T GUESS! The wrong product may only add to the problem. Enjoy spring!

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