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Getting Ready for Summer Gardening!

In this post, we’ll be listing 4 helpful tips about what you need to know when preparing your summer garden for the rising temperature.

Adapting To Summer Gardening Habits.

As the temperature starts to rise in the desert, you may have to start adding a few summer gardening habits into your scheduled routine. Now, these aren’t big changes. Just a few new additions that need to either be added to your garden or by reducing certain treatment habits!

summer gardening


Our top 5 tips for getting your summer garden prepared:

1. Adding Mulch to Your Garden Beds.

First up on our list… is Mulch! What IS mulch? And why should you add it to your summer garden? Mulch is a layering material that is set on top of gardening soil. It’s used to retain moisture, keep your garden beds cooler, protect the soil from sun rays, and improves the health and fertility of your soil.
There are many advantages to adding mulch to your summer garden bed, one of the best results of mulch is that it reduces weed growth!

2. Adjust Your Watering Routines

As the heat rises, we’ll need to stay on top of watering our summer gardens more frequently, possibly even daily. Since the temperature will begin to steady in the upper mid-80s, make sure to water your garden only once, at the coolest part of the day! The amount of water you use will not change, the only change you’ll be making is how often you water your gardens.

3. Cover Your Sun-Sensitive Plants!

The sun hitting your summer garden might cause your sun-sensitive plants to suffer… This is where the shade cloths come in! Remember, not all plants are sun-sensitive! So you’ll need to do research on which plants in your garden are.
A general rule of thumb to go by is if a plant is receiving direct sun throughout the year, it doesn’t need to be covered. But if the plant is in a shady area throughout the winter, but enjoys some summer sun, it’s time to bring out the shade cloth…

4. Stay on Top Of Weeds.

Lastly, if you haven’t added mulch to your summer garden bed, weeds will be more active and frequently pop up. Especially because it’s nearing summer, so it’s important to regularly check up on your garden every now and then! A useful alternative to get rid of weed without using mulch would be a good, long-lasting weed killer. Use them responsibly, and always research the product before using them! Check out our shop for all your weed remover needs.

In Conclusion…

As the hotter season arrives, we may have to make a few changes to our routines! Though they are not difficult adjustments, these little changes could make a big difference to how your summer garden grows and looks!
That brings us to the end of this post, we hope you found this helpful. Hopefully from reading this you can keep your plants beautiful and healthy! Best of luck to you.

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