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Flowers to Plant in March

We’ll cover our pick of the top 3 flowers to plant in March. 

Why is March a Good Time to Start Planting?

The month of March is the beginning of Spring. It’s a sign of new beginnings, and change. In March, the weather starts to get warmer and bees will start coming out of their hibernation to start pollinating the flowers… This is what makes March the perfect time to start planning your Spring garden!

March is the time of year that you will notice more flowering plants, seedlings, shrubs, and perennial herbs available at local nurseries. Which are easily transportable and can be plopped right into your new Spring garden!

Flowers to Plant in March


The Best Flowers to Plant in March!

1. Daffodils

First up on our list of flowers to plant in March is the Daffodil. This flowering plant is among the most popular and easy-growing perennial plants. Coming in white, pink, orange, and yellow blossoms, this plant is surely a beauty to look at! These beautiful plants are pretty hardy. Meaning, they don’t go down without a fight.

Though Daffodils prefer being grown in sunnier weather, they don’t mind a shadier climate. A well-draining, moist soil mix will do great for these flowers. Be sure to take into consideration that Daffodils are toxic to both humans and animals!

2. Tulips

Second up, is Tulips! Tulips are some of the most versatile flowering plants ever. They come in a wide variety of stunning colors like reds, oranges, yellows, whites, pinks, and purples. Planting tulips in your garden will give it a colorful pop! Tulips are not too difficult to care for, rather easy. With the right conditions and care they’ll do just fine and are an excellent choice of flowers to plant in March.

Tulips are usually classified as perennial flowers. Planting Tulips in a warm, sunny place is ideal. The soil should be well-draining! Keep children and pets from ingesting these flowers, as they are toxic to both humans and pets.

3. Roses

Lastly, we’re brought to Roses! A pretty, basic flower, but beautiful, nonetheless. If you’re looking for simple and pretty flowers to plant in March, Roses are a must! Roses come in a few different colors other than red. There are pink, orange, yellow, and white varieties! Whichever color you choose, they will look beautiful in your garden.

These beautiful plants don’t require much attention, but keeping up with pruning will ensure your Roses stay neat and beautiful. Roses are best grown in full sun, with well-draining, moist soil. Though Roses aren’t usually toxic, it’s best to keep children and pets away from them.

In Conclusion…

March is a great time to start planting all your favorite flowers, vegetables, and even your cacti and succulents for the upcoming spring! March is the beginning of when the days start getting warmer, so choosing to plant now has its perks.

Remember, always be kind to our fellow bees! As this is the time of year when they start becoming more active.

That brings us to the end of this post, we hope you found this helpful. Hopefully from reading this you can keep your plants beautiful and healthy! Best of luck to you and all of the beautiful flowers you plant in March!

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