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Fall Gardening in the Desert

Make plans to celebrate the season with some well-timed fall gardening, right here in the desert! With cooler temperatures rolling in, it’s officially the perfect time to plant just about anything in your garden!

It Really is the Perfect Time for Fall Gardening!

From trees, shrubs, and roses, to bedding plants, cacti, herbs, and vegetables starting in October you can plant to your heart’s content and rest assured your garden is safe and has the best chance of thriving.

The heat is retreating, and cooler temperatures are bringing with them the chance to not only plant new additions but also to replace and rescue those plants who may have been damaged during the summer months. Since the soil is still warm enough to encourage root development and growth, you can plant with confidence knowing your new plants can get established and thrive!

Before you get started, there are some things you’ll want to consider to make sure your fall garden is successful.

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Make a Plan, Or Plan to Fail

We’ve all heard this before, and it seems to apply to just about every situation! Well, fall gardening is no exception, in fact it’s one of the biggest keys to success-so make sure you make a plan for your garden and think things through.

This may include things like:

  • What is the best location for your fall garden
  • How much sun the garden will get during the fall and winter months
  • What plants do you intend to have in your garden


Once you have a plan and know exactly what you want to plant and where you would like to plant it, you can move forward with preparing the area and buying your plants!

We recommend you stop by Moller’s Garden Center and speak with someone if you have any questions about plant varieties, what to expect or need advice on things like mulch, pesticides and even fertilizers!

Our staff is always here to help and willing to offer suggestions and tips! In fact, here are 3 tips for fall gardening we think you’ll enjoy!

3 Tips For Fall Gardening in the Desert!

Double Check Your Irrigation Systems

Make sure to check your irrigation system to be sure heads are open and working properly. Water will not be wasted when irrigation systems are properly maintained and working effectively. Check that the clock is set to the correct time ~ because with summer power outages, time clocks can reset, and you’ll want to make sure water is coming on as expected.

Irrigation cycles need to be reset as the weather cools.

Water frequency changes but the amount of water remains the same. Instead of having sprinklers come on once a day; skip to every other day to ensure the health of your plant material. And remember deep watering is key; water once to produce healthy roots.

Don’t Forget to Fertilize

Don’t forget to fertilize this Fall! Start preparing your planting beds with soil amendments to ensure adequate water absorption! We recommend you fertilize everything in the garden including your trees, shrubs, citrus & fruit trees, vegetables, herbs, palms & cacti as well as new rye lawns after the second mowing!

You’ll love our full assortment of organic gardening options including down-to-earth organic fertilizers along with tried-and-true synthetic fertilizers all available in our Garden Shop!

Pesticides Are Not One Size Fits All

Pests can become active on new growth and with new plantings, so keep an eye out for damaged foliage. First, you’ll want to determine which host pest has taken up residence! Pesticides are not a one size fits all business. It’s important to correctly identify, then treat for the host. You want to always be certain of what you are treating before using herbicides or insecticides -treatment of garden pests is not a one stop shop.

Ready to Start Planting in Your Garden This Fall?

Stop by Moller’s Garden Center to find a few single plants to add to your existing garden, or to plan your whole fall gardening landscape starting from scratch!

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