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Desert Bloom: Exploding Colors for Your Spring Garden

Spring is calling in the desert and your garden is yearning for a touch of colorful magic! Moller’s Garden Center has the perfect solution to transform your outdoor space into a vibrant paradise. Look no further than these 5 beautiful desert flowers, bursting with color for your spring garden. They’ll add charm and personality with their stunning hues, making your yard the envy of the block.

5 Vibrant Desert Flowers for Your Spring Garden…

Bring magic back to the desert with 5 magnificent desert flowering plants! These beauties pop with vibrant beauty that is guaranteed to attract attention and leave fellow gardeners in awe. Our 5 picks add charm and texture to any outdoor space or spring garden, so get ready for a yard bursting with color!

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While the Agave plant only flowers when 8 years or older, you shouldn’t skip out on having this drought-resistant succulent in your spring garden! This calming green succulent with dagger-like leaves thrives on neglect and infrequent watering, making it a great addition to any outdoor space.


The vibrant blooms of the Bougainvillea come in shocking colors, from orange, yellows, pinks, and purples, perfect for adding bright hues of color to your space. They need well-draining soil and regular sun for nonstop blooms. This plant is drought-tolerant and can be watered weekly.

Desert Willow

Although the Desert Willow prefers full sun, the plant can grow well in partial shade with occasional deep watering. Cascading pink, lavender and white flowers drape this drought-tolerant tree, making any spring garden pop!


This butterfly bush is a great flowering plant that explodes with clusters of orange, yellow, pink, or red flowers all season long. It prefers full sun but well-draining soil. Water Lantanas weekly, especially if it’s hotter than average.

Mexican Honeysuckle

One of our favorite flowering plants is a hummingbird magnet. With fragrant deep orange tubular flowers, the Mexican Honeysuckle thrives in the sun with filtered afternoon shade. Though the plant is drought-tolerant, keep in mind, it may need an occasional watering.

Let springtime in the desert come alive with a burst of color! Moller’s Garden Center has everything you need to transform your outdoor space into a vibrant paradise. With a wide variety of drought-resistant desert flowers and expert advice, we may just become your one-stop shop to create the spring garden of your dreams. Head down today and let the experts help you cultivate an exploding color masterpiece in your own backyard!

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