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Beautiful Holiday Plants To Add In Your Home!

Hey there plant enthusiasts! For the upcoming holidays, we’ve found 5 stunning plants & flowers to add to your festive holiday home. Our picks for 5 beautiful holiday plants are easy to care for, and a joy to look at. So, let’s jump right into it!

Our Pick For 5 Stunning Holiday Plants…

holiday plants


The amaryllis flower is stunning red, white, or a mix of the two, with a green center. It’s perfect for Christmas displays as it resembles similar colors of candy canes! This holiday plant blooms for a decent amount of time if under the right conditions. Keep them in a bright area with evenly moist soil.


Cyclamens are a popular winter plant as they can tolerate temperatures in the low 40s and can flower for 8 weeks with the right care! The blooms are a delicate white with stunning foliage. Caring for this plant is fairly simple. Keep the plant near diffused light, not super bright. Bottom water the plant, never top. And keep the soil moist but not soaked.

English Holly

English Holly produces bright red berries, along with dark green leaves with a yellow outline. These plants grow great in a hanging basket and can become full and bushy. English Holly is hardy and can be grown in full sun or part shade. Well-draining soil is required for these plants, and keep the soil on the damp side.


Now, poinsettias are by far one of the most popular holiday plants out there! And there’s no surprise as to why. These plants produce beautiful deep red flowers and the foliage is a stunning dark green. Keep poinsettias in bright, indirect light. When watering your poinsettia plant, be sure to only do so when the soil is dry to the touch. Overwatering these plants is a common way of killing them!


Last up on our list of is rosemary! Rosemary is used for savory additions to roasts, but can also be grown as a decorative bush plant. It also smells amazing. Its piney scent earned its way on our list. Rosemary is a hardy plant that’s incredibly easy to grow. Place the plant in a bright area and keep the soil fairly damp, but not soggy!

In Conclusion…

We listed 5 beautiful holiday plants for this upcoming season! Time to get festive and show off a few of these colorful plants to your loved ones, and enjoy what this season has to offer.
Happy Holidays!

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