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4 Things To Know About Fertilizing Your Plants


There are a few things every plant owner should know about fertilizing your plants! From what fertilizer is, how it works, and when to use it, we want to cover the basics for you today so you’ll understand more about why you should apply it to your plants regularly.

fertilizing your plants


4 Things to Know About Fertilizing Your Plants

1. What is Fertilizer?

Fertilizer is another way to supply your plants with extra nutrients for stable growth so that they stay healthy all year long. Regularly fertilizing your plants will boost the nutrients in the soil that your plants might be lacking, but be careful not to over – do it. Depending on your plant, you may not need to fertilize it for weeks, or even months at a time.

2. Why is Fertilizing Your Plants Important?

Fertilizing plants are vital for their success. Fertilizers provide nutrients to the plant to help them grow, heal from sickness, produce flowers, fruit and just allows them to flourish in their own unique ways. Houseplants unlike outdoor plants who are surrounded by organic matter, are more likely to lack the nutrients they need to thrive. So make sure to fertilize your plants to help them thrive.

3. How to Use Fertilizer

Understanding how to fertilize your plants means doing your due diligence. And while it requires doing some research up front for each of your plants, once you know what they need and how often, it’ll be much easier to facilitate moving forward. Something to always keep in mind is to never apply fertilizer to dry soil; it should always be applied to soil that is moist. Instructions are always on the back of the bottle and should help you understand the strength and frequency your plants need.

4. When to Use Fertilizer

Fertilizing your plants when they are actively growing is the best time to do so, that means during spring and summer. You want to fertilize less during the colder seasons, or not at all depending on your plant because some plants will not be as active or may even be dormant.

Fertilizing Your Plant is Very Important!

Make sure to do lots of research regarding fertilizing your plants for full success, whether that be your flowering plants shooting out more bloom buds for you to enjoy, or your bushier plants becoming more green and lush.

Stop by the Garden Center at Moller’s to ask any questions you have and to find a variety of different fertilizers we have in stock.

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