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3 Stunning Flowers for an Outdoor Garden!

Is your garden yearning for lush green foliage and stunning shades of color? At Moller’s Garden Center, we support adding a little vigor to your life. Whether you have a small home garden or large outdoor flower beds, there are a few colorful wonders that will have your space looking bright. Here are 3 stunning flowers for an outdoor garden that will infuse your green space with a POP of vibrant colors!

3 Stunning Flowers For An Outdoor Garden

The 3 flowers for an outdoor garden we’ll be covering are the Dahlia, Lily, and Marigold flowers. A beautiful new addition to your outdoor gardening beds, the blooms can transform your garden into a lovely haven of intense colors and fragrances. Whether you’re seeking bold and bright shades or desire full, lush bushes, these flowers have got you covered.

Flowers For An Outdoor Garden


Starting our list is the lovely Dahlia. This is a stunning plant with rows of petals that form a big rosette. This flower can grow tall or short depending on whether you grow a dwarf-sized Dahlia. Dahlias come in a huge variety of colors and hues, ranging from purple, pink, red, orange, yellow, white, and even “black”. You’ll find just about any shade you could dream of! Best of all, Dahlias are one of the easiest flowers to grow, so give it a shot.


Like Dahlias, the Lily comes in a wide range of flowers too. Ranging from purple, pink, red, and orange, you’ll love having a Lily as flowers for an outdoor garden. These flowers are a beautiful addition as they can grow tall and proud. We recommend the Lily for smaller flower beds, as they grow vertically and make a perfect flower for compact areas. Depending on the Lily type you choose to grow, you could have flowers bloom all of spring and summer!


Marigolds are another plant that can bloom for 6-8 months at a time, just be sure to keep up on deadheading. These flowers come in beautiful shades of yellow and orange. Marigolds are flowers that can be on the shorter side, so if you’re not looking for tall growing flowers, Marigolds can be a great choice. Just be sure to keep the soil relatively wet! And if you enjoy attracting pollinators, an easy bet would be to go with the Marigold flower.

Dahlias, Lilies, and Marigolds can be wonderful flowers for an outdoor garden. As long as you provide them with the care they require and add a little love, they can be stunning new additions to any garden. If you’re looking for fun, bright colors, and full, lush bushes, we’ve got you all set!

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