Fall Overseeding / Smart Scalping


The over-seeding process begins mid to late September reduce but do not eliminate the amount of water applied to the turf reduce the amount of water applied to the turf, cut the water back every other day TURF ONLY continue to water the rest of garden as usual Begin reducing mowing heights reduce heights ¼ … Continued

Spring Tip

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Water conditions vary throughout the Desert. We can generally maintain a one time a day, every-other-day watering schedule during the temperate spring months. Remember, you can always add a water time but you cannot take it away.

Fall Watering

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Begin alternate watering days as temperatures drop consistently below the 90 degree mark.

Fall Reseeding / Smart Scalping

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Over-seeding process begins mid to late September reduce the amount of irrigation applied to the turf reduce water to the point the turf is stressed but not turning brown do not eliminate irrigation Begin reducing mowing heights reduce heights ¼ to ½ inches weekly remove grass clippings desired final height of ½ inch The height … Continued

Summer Gardening

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Take the summer off from heavy gardening. Your plants are doing all they can to stay alive through the extreme summer heat. Let them do their job outside and you can enjoy your garden from the inside.

Mulch in the Month of May


Summerize your garden with a layer of mulch in all planting beds. Mulch holds in moisture, keeps weeds down and protects against summer sun.

Moller’s Roses


Moller’s roses are grown in biodegradable containers; you can plant them directly in the ground! Dig a hole twice the size of the container you are planting. Back fill with a little Gardner & Bloome Rose and Flower Planting Mix and dirt. Plant the container so the soil inside and outside the can are level; … Continued

Reset Winter Time Clocks

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Set your time clocks to come on a little later in the day at this time of year to avoid icy walkways and cold damage on plants.

Water Frequency

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BE SURE you have cut your water frequency back. Two to three times a week is ample water for most gardens at this time of year. Remember you are changing the frequency of water time, not the amount of time the water is on.